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HTML5 Update:


  • Implemented a new “maxViewWidth” custom stadium property, this property allows custom stadium authors to specify the maximum width players should be able to see regardless of their viewport size. This should be useful for stadiums where having a bigger viewport than other players provides you with too much advantage.
  • Implemented crowd cheers sounds.
  • Implemented Settings menu.
  • Implemented settings to mute all game sounds, chat sounds and crowd cheer sounds.
  • Implemented country selection setting.
  • Implemented FPS limit setting.
  • Renderer optimizations
  • Fixed bug where players would desynchronize when they join a room.
  • Fixed player discs rendering on top of other stadium discs, this was breaking some maps that relied on on players being able to hide behind other discs.
  • Fixed a bunch of smaller bugs and memory leaks.

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