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Haxball "Hacks/Mods & Cheats" Malware

It has recently come to my attention that there's a bunch of programs being advertised as Haxball Hacks/Mods & Cheats that claims to allow you to control other people's Haxball rooms and cause other people to lag, among other things. I have investigated this software, and I've determined that the software is malicious. DO NOT INSTALL THESE PROGRAMS! THEY ARE MALWARE!.

In addition, I've spoken with basro about this software, and he says that most of the stuff that the software claims to be able to do is impossible. My testing and investigation of the software confirms this statement. By installing these progams, you are only putting yourself at risk.


HaxBall News

Update: Country selection menu

HaxBall now lets you change your country and location, to do so go to the options menu and click the “Change Country” button.

The way in which HaxBall detects your location is not infallible and often results in a wrong country. This change will let players correct it when it’s wrong (Or whenever they feel like it).


Edit: Changing countries from inside a room is now disabled, to access the menu you can open the options menu from the rooms list.

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