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Hey everyone! Sorry for the extended downtime! As some of you are aware, I've recently started a new job, and things have been extremely busy. As such, I haven't had time for anything Haxball-related. So I've had to fit fixing the HaxballTube server in between everything else I have to do, and unfortunately, that meant that HaxballTube didn't get fixed quickly.

On the bright side, things seem to be slowing down a bit, and I should have some time to work on improving HaxballTube and making sure it stays up and running!

Oh, and why did HaxballTube go down in the first place? We have too many replays! With over 1 million replays, our server's hard disk filled up, and caused the database to crash and get corrupted, which required a fair amount of work to resolve. But have no fear! No replays were lost in the process!


HaxBall News

Update: Country selection menu

HaxBall now lets you change your country and location, to do so go to the options menu and click the “Change Country” button.

The way in which HaxBall detects your location is not infallible and often results in a wrong country. This change will let players correct it when it’s wrong (Or whenever they feel like it).


Edit: Changing countries from inside a room is now disabled, to access the menu you can open the options menu from the rooms list.

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SPHB Hall of Fame - Season 17 Inductee

SPHB is proud to announce the long overdue induction of following member to the SPHB Hall of Fame.


Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane really needs no introduction to those that have been around this league for a while. For those that don't know him he was the long time General Manager of the Robot Bears. Gucci Mane lead his team to the controversial Season 7 Cup*, was voted the Best General Manager in Season 11, and also has top 10 career totals in Division 1 in the following categories:

Goals Scored
Points Scored
Offensive Minutes Played.

Welcome to the Hall of Fame Gucci, wherever you are.

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